Our Story

It all started with lots of frustration and a vision for a better property selling experience.


Hi my name is Dominik and I’m the founder of ExpressLandOffers. Back in 2016 I was very frustrated with the process of selling a piece of land in Florida I had just inherited. I needed the money and I wanted to sell this piece of land fast. I thought I could just put the property on one of those online platforms and it would sell within a couple of weeks, as houses in the area do. I was totally wrong!

At that time I was a product designer at a Silicon Valley based company and I had no clue about the real estate business in general and I certainly had no idea of the difficulties one is going to face when trying to sell a piece of raw land fast. It took 11 months to sell that property and I had to deal with 37 “interested” buyers. And the property was priced below average market value!

I can remember the day I got the signed contract in the mail as if it were yesterday. The same evening I was so happy that I could get rid of this unused property and at the same time I started thinking about my frustrating experience. Out of that, the idea for ExpressLandOffers was born. I reasearched the internet and found that there are many people like me who are struggling with selling vacant land. I learned that it’s a completely different market than the housing market. The buyers of vacant land are very different than the typical retail home buyers, e.g. there are developers who buy vacant land in order to develop a single parcel or a whole subdivision.

I thought I could just put the property on one of those online platforms and it would sell within a couple of weeks. I was totally wrong!

For a while I was moving along with my normal life. But from time to time I was thinking “Why is selling vacant land such a complicated task?”. I mean we have Amazon, Uber, AirBnB, etc. which make our lives so much easier. Why isn’t there something similar for selling vacant land?

Over time I learned that there are tenth of thousands of people who really want to get rid of some undeveloped property, but they don’t find a buyer and at the end let their property go into foreclosure. “That’s not the way this should work” I thought. There must be a better way to help these people and there also must be a way to build a business around that. I gained a deep understanding of the challenges people face trying to sell their land. I found that even successful sellers were overwhelmed by the stress of selling – trying to guess what their raw land would sell for, prepping for showings, negotiating a deal, finding an attorney or title company, and waiting for the closing. Why wasn’t there a better way?

In August 2017 I founded ExpressLandOffers to address the needs of the tenth of thousands of people who are looking to sell there vacant land properties hassle-free, fast and for cash. I buy these properties with my company’s cash funds and sell them to vacant land buyers sometime in the future for a premium.

My company grew rapidly over the previous years, but I’m proud that we still have the “family business” kind of spirit and that we provide a real benefit to our customers – day in and day out.

If you’re considering selling your unwanted vacant, bare, and/or raw land, I would be happy to make you an offer.


Dominik Prause

Who We Are

ExpressLandOffers is a real estate investment company that specializes in buying any kind of land for cash in “as-is” condition. We help land owners by buying their land quickly and for a fair price. We can help you even in tough situations where real estate agents usually are not of great help.

We founded ExpressLandOffers as a way to help landowners sell their unwanted vacant, bare, and/or raw land. Many of the lots we buy are in rural, or undeveloped areas, making them hard to sell through traditional methods. However, we are interested in all types of land; rural, suburban and even commercial… we will make an offer on almost any lot, helping you to get the cash you need for other investments.

We started ExpressLandOffers in Miami, where our main office still is today. However, after we recognized that our service may be useful in other states too, we now provide our service nationwide. The Land Buying Specialists in our team cover different States/Areas and know the markets very well. When working with you, we make sure that the Land Buying Specialist knowing your area best is working with you. Additionally we work with strategic local partners and contractors to make sure we don’t miss a thing and the property is put to its best use.

How We Work With You – The Property Owner

Our motivation is to provide the best in class land selling experience for our customers. And we are proud of our premium service. So what exactly does it mean to work with us?

  • First of all, we treat everybody with respect and we’re always friendly and helpful. This is one of our core values and we strongly believe that a successful business can only work when there is integrity and respect between all parties.
  • We always strive to offer you the best solution for your particular situation. If that means going with our offer, or using another service, we’ll let you know right at the beginning of the process.
  • We keep you updated and informed. We know that selling a property is for most of our customers not an everyday thing. We explain you each step of the process and let you know exactly what to do next. If you don’t know how to sell land, give us a call and we’re happy to help.
  • We do all the paperwork for you. And we know this can be a lot of work. Because we do this day in and day out we’re pretty efficient meanwhile and we can save you hours of work.
  • We’ve got you covered. We know some of our customers face sticky situations. We provide solutions for instance if foreclosure is in sight, back taxes are overdue, there are code violations on the property, etc.
  • We make you the best offer. We have streamlined our processes and use digital technology to keep our expenses low. This means we can offer more for your property than most of our competitors can.

We love to hear that a seller, just like you, is happy with the service, feels like they’ve been treated fairly, and would recommend our company to others. This is exactly why we founded ExpressLandOffers and why we go to work with a smile in our face. Everyday.

Working with land owners every day, we love to help you as the land owner turn your unwanted land into cash that you can put to better use elsewhere.

We look forward to working with you and are here for any questions at all!

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