Advantages of Selling Your Land To ExpressLandOffers

We’ve broken down the ways to sell your land, so you can compare your options to make an informed decision. 

If you’re thinking about selling your land, there are three different options that are open to you before making the decision. You can either sell with a real estate agent, sell on your own or sell to a professional land buyer like ExpressLandOffers.

Land Yourself
Selling to
Commissions and Fees: cross-circle-rd10% -20% typically. That is if they will take the listing cross-circle-rdListing fees, MLS fees, Land site fees, Marketing fees. ZERO!
Average Days Until Sold: cross-circle-rd6 mo. + Land can be hard to sell, sometimes land sits for years. cross-circle-rd6 mo. + Land can be hard to sell, sometimes land sits for years. We can make you an offer in 2 days.
Number of Showings: minus-circle-blIt Depends minus-circle-blIt Depends NONE!
Who Pays Closing Costs?: cross-circle-rd2% on average is paid by seller. cross-circle-rd2% on average is paid by seller. We pay.
Closing Date: cross-circle-rd30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer Variable. Up to You!
Costs for Land Improvements: minus-circle-blVariable. minus-circle-blDepends on land condition. NONE!

Most people live in long-term indecision because they don’t take time to weigh their choices. And many people don’t know their choices at all.

When most people think about selling their land, their minds usually go straight to listing with a real estate agent. Their hope is that the agent will spend the time to put together a great marketing plan, send it out to buyers, and then the seller will get a great offer for their land. If your land is smaller or very rural, then you may think about selling it on your own. Here are a couple thoughts on these strategies.

Getting an Agent

The problem is, land is tricky. First of all, it’s often hard to get a real estate agent to represent your lot or land in the first place. Many of the properties we buy are small or rural and so there aren’t as many buyers available. Many real estate agents will consider that and not really put effort into selling and marketing your land. Some of them even don’t take your listing.

Listing Time for Selling Land

The other issue with land is the selling time… regardless if you chose to sell it yourself or go with an agent. Because land and lots are a more specialized piece of real estate, there aren’t as many buyers. It’s usually a niche buyer that will consider a piece of land in the first place. So the seller or agent has to do a lot of networking and contact work. That’s not to mention the prep work and showings that will be necessary as various buyers come to “kick the tires.”

Some properties will be listed for years without much interest!

With us you don’t worry about that at all. We can give you an offer within 2 days!

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